Botan International work diary

Botan International studio was established in partnership with RSF. From its establishment until February 2022 (in seven months) more than 250 video programs were recorded. More than 300 PodCasts were recorded at the same studio. Part of the shooting of two documentary films and one short film was done in our studio. Artworks in our studio With local NGOs – […]

Our studio and newsroom are free of charge for journalists

Botan International, in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF), prepared a sound recording studio and Newsroom in Diyarbakir. Journalists living in Diyarbakir, or those who go to Diyarbakir to produce news, use the studio and newsroom free of charge. The mother tongue of about 25 percent of Turkey’s citizens is Kurdish, but education in their language is forbidden. It is […]

What Botan International has done in 5 months

September 2020, Kurdish Digital Media Workshop 1 (Sponsor: Global Native Services, and Ali Bayram, a Kurdish lawyer) October 2020, Kurdish Digital Media Workshop 2  (Sponsor: Diyar Mizuri, a Kurdish business person) November 2020, Kurdish Digital Media Workshop 3  (Sponsor: Reporters Without Borders, RSF) November 2020, Rojnamegerîya Kurdî ya Dîjîtal –Kurdish edition of Kurdish Digital Journalism Ebook- (Sponsor: Reporters Without […]

Sêyemîn ‘’Kargeha Rojnamegerîya Kurdî ya Dîjîtal’’ a Botan International pêk anî bi dawî bû

Kargeha sêyemîn a ku Botan International pêk tîne di 15ê Kanûnê de dest pê kir 21ê Kanûnê de bi dawî bû. Kargehê bi dersên wênegirê REUTERSê Sertaç Kayar û avakar û koordinatorê Botan Internationalê, rojnameger Murat Bayram dest pê kir. Bi dersa rojnameger Omer Faruk Baran û akademîsyen Prof.Dr. Isabel Kaserê jî bi dawî bû. RSF Sponsor e Sêyemîn Kargeha […]

Kurdish Digital Media Workshop: Day 6

Kurdish Digital Media Workshop DAY 6: December 20, 2020 Lesson 1: Redur Dijle, “Reporting for Kurdish News Agencies” The history of news reporting started with the urge to share feelings and opinions expressed through language. Today it has evolved into a profession, with the purpose of delivering the events of the day by taking a position and reporting it through […]

Kargeha Rojnamegerîya Kurdî: Roja Şeşan

Kargeha Rojnamegerîya Kurdî ya Dîjîtal: Roja Şeşan Sêyemîn Kargeha Rojnamegerîya Kurdî ya Dîjîtal ku Botan International pêk tîne berdewam e, rojek ders mane bi kargeh bi dawî bibe. Kargeha Rojnamegerîya Kurdî, ya ku Botan International bi hevkarî û sponsorîya  RSFyê pêk tîne berdewam e. Kargeh wê heta 22yê mehê bênavber bidome. Di roja şeşemîn a kargehê de rojnameger, nivîskar û […]

Kurdish Digital Media Workshop: Day 5

Kurdish Digital Workshop DAY 5: December 19, 2020 Lesson 1: Hatice Kamer, “How to Produce Podcasts in Kurdish” Where once the dissemination of information, regardless of importance, was in the hands of media agencies, it’s now become so easy to do with an electronic device and an internet connection. Hatice Kamer, the contributor for BBC and SBS, is an expert […]