Botan International is a non-profit educational institution based in Şirnak and Diyarbakir that protects Kurdish journalism and Kurdish press freedom in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Botan International is the only Kurdish organization that gives Kurdish media training in the history of Turkey.

In order to achieve its objectives, Botan International provides training for Kurdish journalism, create a network between experienced and new journalists, create digital media education materials in Kurdish (video, e-book, podcast), provides a workplace, and work tools free of charge for journalists.

Kurdish Diction Workshop

Botan International tries to provide professional support to every journalist who abides by the universal journalism principles.

“Ethics Charter”

Botan International declares that it will comply with all the articles of the “Ethics Charter” of Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

In its projects, Botan International accepts RSF’s policy as its own policy in the following categories:

BotanInt’s Independence, Governance, Journalistic Ethics, Transparency, Partnerships and efficacy, Corruption, Conflicts of interest, Gifts, Respect for the environment, Non-discrimination, Fund- raising, Work travel, Implementation of the principles, Sanctions and gender equality

Botan International Studio in Diyarbakir

The video and audio recording studio established by Botan International in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is free and open to all journalists and non-governmental organizations.

Hatice Kamer from BBC – Kurdish Podcast Workshop

Kurdish Digital Media e-books and videos

Botan International have published the notes of trainers as e-books, access to the books is free. Our sound studio is free and open to all journalists and non-governmental organizations.

Kurdish Digital Media Ebook (Click to read)

Rojnamegerîya Kurdî ya Dîjîtal ( Kurdish Long Edition, click to read)

Educational videos:


Kurdish Media Education Office and Studios/Diyarbakir:

Yenişehir neighborhood, Ali Emiri 1st Street, Nuyap Center Office, Floor: 2 No: 13 Post Code: 21100
Yenisehir/ Diyarbakir

Phone: +90 412 503 11 96
E-mail: info@botaninternational.com

Şirnak office:

Yayla Mahallesi, 1st Street, Number: 1/A Postal Code: 73000

Balveren Town, Sirnak

Botan International

Project Coordinator and Founder: Murat Bayram
Coordinator assistant: Vahdet Uçar
Accountant: İbrahim Yeşilçimen on behalf of Düzen Accounting Company

Botan Times (Botan International’s media outlet)

Editor-in-Chief: Murat Bayram
Editor: Vahdet Uçar
Video service:
Program director: Semiha Yıldız
Video editor: Ekrem Yildiz

Mentor: Omer Faruk Baran



Hatice Kamer, BBC, SBS Australia
Sertaç Kayar, Reuters
Mahmut Bozarslan, AFP
Masud Mohammed, Kurdistan 24
Redur Dijle, MA
Safiye Alagaş, JinNews
Ali Duran Topuz , Arti TV
Ferid Demirel, bianet
Murat Bayram, Botan International
Şiraz Baran, lawyer
Abdurrahman Gok, MA
Dr. Isabel Kaser, gender studies expert, Bern Uni.
Muri Darida, freelance journalist
Omer Faruk Baran, VOA Kurdish
Gulistan Korban Rencber, NRT TV
Serdar Canan, Ethnomusicologist, Kurdish Diction expert
Nergiz Inal, Digital Security Specialist
Mehdi Mutlu, Waar TV


Ass. prof. Zuzan Barwari, Kurdish Educational Materials expert, Global Native Services (editor of TOEFL and IQ tests)

Dr. Isabel Kaser, Gender Studies Specialist, University of Bern

News Lab Turkey, Digital Media Education NGO

The story of our logo

İsmail Ebuliz Cezeri (1136-1206) is the Kurdish scientist who found the first cybernetic robot in the history of science. At the same time, he made the symbol of the Botan region, the center of which is Cizre.

Cezeri’s symbol was used as a door ornament on the Grand Mosque of Cizre. That door was later dismantled and taken to Istanbul by the government. The door is currently on display at the Topkapı Museum.
The symbol represents the strength and bravery of Kurds like lions, high like eagles, and ancient like dragons.

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(Photo: Cizre symbol made by Cezeri)

The Prince of the Botan region, Celadet Alî Bedirxan (Jeladet Bedirkhan),  published the first Kurdish/Kurmanji Latin alphabet and modern grammar structure in  Hawar magazine in 1932 and Ronahî in 1942. In modern times, Kurds in Turkey and Syria use this alphabet.

The first Kurdish newspaper (Kurdistan Newspaper) was published on April 22, 1898, by Celadet’s uncle, Prince Mithat Miktad Bedirxan.
However, according to today’s international journalism standards, the Kurdistan newspaper was different but Celadet’s special news stories written in 1942 are still considered successful against today’s standards.
Caladet also translated news into Kurdish from 7 languages ​​that he knew and published it in the magazine, Ronahî.

He used a simple signature drawn by his own hands as the logo of Hawar and Ronahî magazines.

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(Photo: Logo of Hawar and Ronahî magazines)

The logo drawn by Botan International founder Murat Bayram consists of the ancient dragon of İsmail Ebuliz Cezeri and the signature of Celadet Alî Bedirxan on Hawar and Ronahî.

This logo also reflects Botan International’s vision.
Celadet Alî Bedirxan’s daughter, the last Kurdish princess, Sînemxan Bedirxan is also a French-language expert and speaks 6 languages.
The princess expressed in a phone call that she is proud and is the greatest supporter of each member of Botan International.

We are working with modern and scientific principles. We are also loyal to our historical and cultural values.

(Edited by Veen Bayram)