Botan International work diary

25.11.2021 –

Botan International documentary premiere

Botan International is the first media education institution established in Turkey’s history. The story of the establishment of the media education office, which was established in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF), became a documentary film. The film was produced by Çil Film, the director of the film is Bilal Korkut.

Trailer – Botan International Documentary
Botan International Documentary Screening

25.11.2021 –

“Kurdish Diction Workshop”

Botan International organized a “Kurdish Diction Workshop” in partnership with Reporters Without Borders ( @RSF_inter ). Serdar Canan gave lectures in the workshop.

“VIDEO – Kurdish Diction Workshop”

“Kurdish Diction Workshop”
“Kurdish Diction Workshop”

Botan International organized 9 workshops in a year. Six of them were sponsored by RSF, one was sponsored by SIDA in partnership with Atolye BIA, and two were sponsored by Kurdish academics and business people.

23.11.2021 –

Germany Ambassador visited Botan International

Germany Ambassador to Ankara Jürgen Schulz and the delegation of the Embassy visited Botan International Office in Diyarbakir. The topic of the meeting was the situation of Kurdish media and Kurdish journalism education.

German Ambassador to Ankara Jürgen Schulz and the delegation of the Embassy with Botan International CEO and Trainers

19-26.11.2021 –

Animation Movie of Botan International was in MOBIFEST

A SS From The Movie, The Botan International’s Dragon gives water to the sea

The story of the establishment of Botan International, the first Kurdish Media Education Office in the history of Turkey, became an animated film. The movie directed by Semiha Yıldız was screened at BERTHA SPACES MOBIFEST.

A SS From The Movie

In the movie, a group of musicians whose music is silenced and pushed behind bars await help. The Botan International dragon breaks its own bars and sends a wave to the sea with the water in its mouth. As this wave drives the rescue ship, the fishes (@RSF_inter) shoulder the ship.

How do journalists spend their time at Botan International Office?

All of Botan International services are free of charge and sponsored by RSF

Journalists use our studio for PodCast programs

Journalist Perihan Kaya is recording the “7 questions 7 answers” podcast program she prepared for NewsLabTurkey at the Botan International studio.

Botan International offers this service free of charge in partnership with RSF.

Perihan Kaya in BotanInt studio

All of the programs consisting of 20 episodes were recorded in BotanInt studio. Kaya is preparing a program about the working conditions of women journalists working in the local media.

More than 200 PodCast recordings made in 5 months.

Journalists use our studio for video programs

Journalist Beril Caymaz talked to Diyarbakır Bar Association Women’s Center representative Çiğdem Sevimli about the Istanbul Convention for DAKAHDER.
BotanInt offers this service free of charge in partnership with RSF.

Preparing for the program in BotanInt Studio

About 60 programs of institutions such as Botan Times, DAKAHDER, Waar TV, Medyascope were recorded in this studio in 5 months.

Women News Network’s young journalists are interviewing with women right defenders at Botan International studio. The studio is free of charge and Botan International’s experienced journalists are helping new journalists from different news outlets.

A video program is filming for Women News Network in BotanInt Studio

Kurdish Digital Media Ebook

Botan International have published the notes of trainers as an e-books, access to the book is free. Our sound studio is free and open to all journalists and non-governmental organizations.

Kurdish Digital Media Ebook (Click to read)

Rojnamegerîya Kurdî ya Dîjîtal ( Kurdish Long Edition, click to read)

International standards for Kurdish journalism

Journalists working for The New Yok Times, The Guardian, BBC, SBS Australia, Reuters, AFP, DW, VOA, MEE share their experiences and techniques in international journalism in Kurdish at Botan International.

Hatice Kamer from BBC is sharing her experiences and techniques
Kurdish Podcast Workshop, trainer Hatice Kamer (BBC)


Digital Security Workshop

The “Digital Security Workshop” was complete. Computer engineer and digital systems security specialist for banks and businesses Nergiz Înal was the trainer.

Nergis İnal gives information on Digital Security to journalists

A documentary recording in our studio

The life of poet Arjen Arî will be a documentary film. The first shots of the documentary were shot at Botan International studios. *The studio established by @BotanInt in partnership with @RSF_inter It is open to everyone and free of charge.

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