Botan International work diary

05.12. 2021 Kurdish Rights-Based Journalism Workshop Botan International, together with Atölye BIA, organized the Kurdish Rights-Based Journalism Workshop in Diyarbakır. Program sponsor: Kingdom of Sweden, SIDA In the workshop, Ferid Demirel (bianet) Murat Bayram (Botan International), Safiye Alagaş (JinNews), Hatice Kamer (BBC), Sertaç Kayar (Reuters) and Abdurrahman Gök (Mesopotamia News Agency) gave lectures on rights journalism. 02.12.2021 Our story is […]

Our studio and newsroom are free of charge for journalists

Botan International, in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF), prepared a sound recording studio and Newsroom in Diyarbakir. Journalists living in Diyarbakir, or those who go to Diyarbakir to produce news, use the studio and newsroom free of charge. The mother tongue of about 25 percent of Turkey’s citizens is Kurdish, but education in their language is forbidden. It is […]

RSF support Botan International’s Kurdish Digital Media Workshops

Nowadays, in Turkey, there is no media education accessible in Kurdish language for young and up-coming Kurdish journalists. Moreover, most of the Kurdish news reported in Turkey is translated from Turkish. In addition, digital media is advancing quickly forcing journalists to improve the quality of their work, to adapt and learn new technics and technologies. With no formal education and […]