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The first Kurdish media training office opened

The first Kurdish media training office opened

The first Kurdish media training office opened

Botan International has established a Kurdish media education office and sound studio in partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in Diyarbakir.

On the night of 28 August, the opening night program was organized. Diyarbakir Chamber of Industry and Commerce President, Mehmet Kaya and veteran journalist Mahmut Bozarslan cut the ribbon.

Diyarbakir-based media organs, foundations and associations sent flowers

Mahmut Bozarslan said: “It has always been a dream of mine to teach journalism in Diyarbakir, where I have been a journalist for 25 years, and to share my experiences with young journalists. Botan allowed me to do this in my mother tongue, this is more than my dreams.”

Mehmet Kaya: “I trust you that you will meet a very serious need of the region. I wish you success in your business. I want you to know that we will be there for you if you need it.”
Opening Night

Kurdish media education is prohibited in the Turkish education system, but it is legal to organize workshops and seminars. Botan International, the first Kurdish media training institution established in the history of the state, provides media training in Kurdish with seminars and workshops, and publishes e-books.

National and international media reporters such as BBC, New Yok Times, DW, VOA, MA, The Guardian, Reuters, Gazete Duvar, and bianet shared their techniques and experiences in their mother tongue Kurdish at our workshops.
Hatice Kamer (BBC) gave the first lesson in the Kurdish Podcast Workshop.

Botan International organized 5 online Kurdish Digital Media Workshops and held its first face-to-face workshop last week.

Botan International have published the notes of trainers as an e-books, access to the book is free. Our sound studio is free and open to all journalists and non-governmental organizations.

Kurdish Digital Media Ebook (Click to read)

Rojnamegerîya Kurdî ya Dîjîtal ( Kurdish Long Edition, click to read)

Hozan Adar (PodcastKurdî) giving an audio editing lesson at the Kurdish Podcast Workshop

Our news center is used by journalists working in Diyarbakır on days when workshops are not held. We have created a network between 75 (50 women 25 men) young journalist candidates we have trained and experienced journalists.

Botan Newsroom
Hatice Kamer (BBC) giving an audio recording lesson for Podcast at Botan Studio
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