RSF support Botan International’s Kurdish Digital Media Workshops

Nowadays, in Turkey, there is no media education accessible in Kurdish language for young and up-coming Kurdish journalists. Moreover, most of the Kurdish news reported in Turkey is translated from Turkish. In addition, digital media is advancing quickly forcing journalists to improve the quality of their work, to adapt and learn new technics and technologies. With no formal education and training in Kurdish disponible and accessible, Kurdish journalists and Kurdish medias are left behind.

Botan International is the only Kurdish organization that gives Kurdish media training in Turkey. Despite this lack of media education in the Kurdish language in Turkey, some Kurdish journalists are working for BBC, New York Times, VOA, AFP, Reuters, DW, MEE, SBS, and WDR to name a few.

In this context, the present support aims at enabling Botan International to organize Kurdish Digital Journalism Workshops in order to give the opportunity to young up-coming Kurdish journalists to learn from these international Kurdish journalists, from their experiences and techniques.

During the training session, Kurdish digital journalism will be discussed. The entire training will be done online and video-recording will be made available afterwards. From the video-recording a Kurdish Digital Journalism e- book will be made in order to be the first book on Kurdish Digital Journalism in Turkey.

In order to give to these young up-and-coming journalists, the most complete and actual training, the present support also aims at enabling Botan Inrernational to organize Gender Based Kurdish Journalism Seminars in order to ensure that participants realize the extent of violence against women journalists and appreciate the importance of how the media cover it.


Hatice Kamer (BBC, reporter) “How to create PodCasts”.

Sertaç Kayar (Reuters, photographer) “News photography”.

Omer Faruk Baran (VOA Kurdish Service, news editor) “Monitoring and Writing news on digital platforms.”

Ali Duran Topuz (Gazete Duvar, editor in chief): Managing a digital media organization

Gulistan Korban  (Ortadogu News, reporter) “Creating video-news for digital media.”

Ferid Demirel (bianet, editor of Kurdish section) “Interviews for online platforms.”

Dr. İbrahim Seydo Aydogan (Inalco University, Paris) “Mediave form in Kurdish”.

Murat Bayram (Botan International, CEO) “10 basic principles in international journalism.”

Mahmut Bozarslan (AFP, reporter) “Tips for live broadcasts on digital platforms”

Muri Darida (Zeit Online, contributer) “How Kurdish Women take place in European Media”

Dr. İsabel Kaser (Bern University) “Gender and Kurdish Society”

Masoud Mohamed (Kurdistan 24, reporter) “Journalism in conflict areas”

Safiye Alagaş (Jin News, editor in chief) “Journalism experiences and perspectives of Kurdish journalist women”

Shiraz Baran (lawyer)  “Digital rights”.

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